PC Walk-In

Virus Removal

Viruses, trojans, rootkits

Won't start

No power, Windows boot issue

Broken Laptop Screen

Cracked, dim, intermittent

Shuts Off / Overheats

Turns off, bad fan, hot

E-mail & Internet

Can’t email, No Internet access

Blue Screen

Blue screen error message

Slow PC

Runs slower than normal

Runs Loud & Noisy

Loud drive, noisy fan

Bad Hard Drive

Clicking, not booting

PC Tune-up

Quicken speed, increase space

Set Up New PC

Hassle-free setup, file transfer

Liquid Spill

Coffee, water, wine, soda

Power Jack

No power, loose, not charging


RAM, hard drive, operating system

Physical Damage

Case, hinges, parts

Windows Vista Issues

Slow, start-up, software issues

Windows 7 Support

Errors, freezing, program problems

Windows 8 Repair

Restarting, hanging, driver issue

Windows 10 Repair

Upgrade issue, freezing, start-up

Other PC Issues

Hardware, software, glitches

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